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How It Works



We're a paint your own pottery shop.  You come in and pick out a
piece of pottery.  Next, you pick the paint colors that fit your taste. 
Finally, sit down and paint your piece of pottery.  The process is
extremely simple.  Just sit down and relax.  It's art therapy for the
young and old! 

One week later...  You pick up your pottery or we'll ship it to you. 
Your finished item is microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.  Our
finished pottery is non-toxic so it's safe to eat from.

Shipping:  We suggest an item 11" or less.  Prices for a box are typically around $20, depends on the amount of pieces, size, and location of shipment.



Pottery price on each piece is all inclusive


For example:

The pottery ranges from $6 to $99.  A basic mug starts around $16, a salad plate is $18 and our platters start at $30. These prices include everything you need!  Pottery, paint, glaze, and firing.  See our group or party prices for at the studio, away parties, or do your own at home!  Whether it's 4 people or 400.


We offer 2 different racks: $15 & $18.  These racks include your piece and paint time for groups.  See our group rates page for birthday party descriptions to read what is available on these racks.  The racks are same prices as our normal pottery, we have them on a small rack to help a birthday parties or young children have simplicity.


We accept cash, credit cards, and gift cards.
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