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Parties/Group Rates

Call or email us to save a spot for 6 or more! 

Reserve a table or a room!  Our studio can hold over 80 people!  

Four Private Party Rooms

Birthdays, Ladies Groups, Bachelorette Parties, Church Groups, Office Parties!








Main Back

How it





Call us to reserve your space! Call or email us. 
Come in with your group!
We will supply the space!  Private room or a table.  We give instructions, supply the paint, pottery, and relaxation fun!  The space will be reserved for you up to 2 hours! Bring your own food and drinks!


Adult parties typically pay per person, just like a walk in painter.  See our How It Works page.   Kid's parties can pick from our party racks.  Prices are the same as adults, it's a scaled down selection to help with simplicity.


Firing, Glazing, Pick Up
Pottery is left with us to glaze and fire.  After one week, one person can pick your groups items or each individual person.  It's up to you!

Things you need to know:

1)  All of our groups/parties can reserve a party rooms at no charge

2)  During busy times if a room was reserved for you and it's not full with painters, your room may have additional painters added as overflow.  Saturdays are our busiest day of the week.  This is a rare occurrence. 

3)  Our staff will help with set up, instruction, and clean up after you have had your fun!  Leave the mess with us!

4)  Our pottery choices change daily!

5)  Limit your group of non-painters to a very small amount.  Our store is cut up into smaller areas and can not accommodate much standing space.  We reserve space for painters only.

6)  Our main back painting room.  It's opened up when we have enough staff scheduled to cover the space. If you would like to reserve it, please call ahead and chat with us about it. It's seats 24 comfortably.  It can be used for parties anytime during the week but on Saturdays it has restrictions.  Give us a call to talk about it!

7)  The latest time a party can be booked is 2 hours before closing time.

8)  During Spring Break, party rooms will not be available for private bookings.  We can reserve tables of 6 or more.

9)  Looking to book a party after hours?  We have a minimum of $500 will need to purchased and the deposit will be taken depending on your group size.  Email us for more details.


Racks arranged for simplicity for the party host!  Prices are no different from our regular choices.  These are intended for kids.

Birthday Parties



$15 Rack (Choices vary on stock)


There are 2 choices to pick from:

1)  Basic Party -  $15 per person 

Pick from  items which may include: small cup, dessert plate,

ring holders, small figurines, ornaments and tiles.

This party is intended for younger children.  

2)  Deluxe Party - $18 per person

Pick from items which may include: small plate, bowl,

large boxes, banks, large mugs, and large figurine.

Great for all ages!  



$18 Rack (Choices vary on stock)


BIG Group? 

Our studio can hold 85+ people!  Not enough space?  We can come to you (minimum of $500) or you can borrow our supplies to do at your own location!  See To Go Boxes. 





Non-Profit Groups - Churches, Schools, Charities - We have an excellent we way to support you! We want to give back to you!  We have special party boxes for you only with all the supplies you need.  It also contains FREE paint and 20% off of all the pottery you purchase.  A $20 cash deposit is required.  It's a minimum of 10 pieces to be purchased.   You can use the box for up to 4 days.  We do ask that you prove your intentions to us by showing us an email or flier to your participants.  There is no need to reserve a box.  We have plenty in stock, reserving a box is not necessary. Another idea?  Hold your event with us!  Regular prices apply!  Check out this idea planned with Russ'!  Click here.

2010 - present

2010 - present

TO GO Boxes

Host a party at your own location!

No time to bring the party to us?  How about picking up one our "parties in a box".  Cost?  The paint and supplies are FREE!  A refundable deposit of $20 (CASH ONLY) is required and then you pay for the cost of the pottery you pick out.  The box rental is for one week.  It includes paints, brushes, sponges, and all the items you need for the coolest craft ever!  There are  enough supplies for 6 large or 12 small projects in one box.

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