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Parties/Group Rates

Two Party Rooms


Call or email us to save a spot for 6 or more! 

Party rooms can be reserved!  During busy days, they are our over flow rooms.  We will do our best to give you a private room, but in the rare occasion, we may need a need an empty table in in the party room for painters.

Party Rack Choices

Choices are meant for kids to help simplify a birthday party.  For adults we suggest picking from the normal choices.  Party racks are not discounted from normal prices.





There are 2 choices to pick from:

1)  Basic Party -  $15 per person 

Pick from  items which may include: small cup, dessert plate,

ring holders, small figurines, ornaments and tiles.

This party is intended for younger children.  

2)  Deluxe Party - $18 per person

Pick from items which may include: small plate, bowl,

large boxes, banks, large mugs, and small picture frames.

Great for all ages!  

Things you need to know:

1)  All of our groups/parties can reserve a our party rooms at no charge

2)  We will place a Celebrate banner up!

3)  During busy times we can reserve a table for you, but not the whole room.  Saturdays are our busiest day of the week.   

4)  Our staff will help with set up, instruction, and clean up after you have had your fun!  Leave the mess with us!

5)  Items pictured, may not be available, our inventory changes daily.

6)  Limit your group of non-painters to a very small amount.  Our store is small and can not accommodate much standing space.  We reserve space for painters only.



$15 Rack (Choices vary on stock)

$18 Rack (Choices vary on stock)


For groups of people:

Are you part of a group and want us to run your craft for you?  For example a church group, office of co-workers, sports team, home school, or even just a group of ladies?   


Come to our studio after hours.  We would love to stay open for you!  To make this happen, there is a minimum of $500.  We also need a few weeks reservation in advance, so we can make sure we can staff the store.  

We have all inclusive pricing for large groups.  We would love to come to you for a minimum of $500.  Call us to work something else out at least a few weeks ahead 616-355-6442 or email us:


Also see the next section of party boxes for a more inexpensive way of holding a Paint a Pot party!

TO GO Boxes

Host your own Paint a Pot at your own location!

No time to bring the party to us?  How about picking up one our "parties in a box".  Cost?  The paint and supplies are FREE!  A refundable deposit of $20 (CASH ONLY) is required and then you pay for the cost of the pottery you pick out.  The box rental is for one week.  It includes paints, brushes, sponges, and all the items you need for the coolest craft ever!  There are  enough supplies for 6 large or 12 small projects.

Non-Profit Groups - Churches, Schools, Charities - We have an excellent we way to support you! We want to give back to you!  We have special party boxes for you only with all the supplies you need.  It also contains FREE paint and 20% off of all the pottery you purchase.  The box is FREE.  A $20 cash deposit is required.  It's a minimum of 10 pieces to be purchased.   You can use the box for up to 4 days.  We do ask that you prove your intentions to us by showing us an email or flier to your participants.  There is no need to reserve a box.  We have plenty in stock.




Birthday Parties, Wedding Showers, Bachelorette Parties

We are here to help you plan!  Call us and reserve your special time.  We are full of ideas of how to make your group/party unique!

Birthdays - Have a theme: flowers, princess, horses, pirates.   We can make order your items or help you plan that one of a kind occasion.

Wedding Showers - Each guest paints a bowl/plate for the bride for an entire set!  Or how about a set of seasonal plates to set out?

2010 - present

2010 - present

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